Our Approach

The CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals is dedicated to addressing economic issues affecting Black youth. By ensuring the development of relevant and meaningful services and supports, we are working alongside the youth we serve to achieve emotional and financial freedom through Careers, Education and Empowerment (CEE).

Our Mission

CEE advances the economic and social development of Black youth facing multiple barriers to employment. We achieve career development and job readiness using holistic, person-centered and culturally relevant programs and services.

Our Vision

A society and economy in which Black youth achieve financial prosperity and a high quality of life for themselves and their families. We achieve this in collaboration with Black youth, their families, employers and the broader community.

Our Story

CEE is a legacy initiative of the Youth Challenge Fund. This fund was created as a response to increased youth violence in the city in 2006. The challenges surrounding employment is the primary focus for CEE, working to provide alternatives and address the root causes of precarious employment that affect Black youth today. CEE is currently trusteed by and operating through WoodGreen Community Services.