We Work With


CEE’s programs focus on Black youth between ages of 18-29. We make it a priority in our work to ensure that our programming reaches and is accessible to youth who face multiple barriers, such as: discrimination, anti-Black racism, trauma, unemployment, conflict with the law, being young parents, low-incomes, and lack of secondary or post-secondary education.

Community Groups and organizations

We also serve organizations and employers to increase their cultural competency and ability to leverage the dynamism and potential of Black youth.

Our aim is to work collaboratively not competitively with fellow agencies. We want to foster an environment where we can share resources, promote and compliment mutually beneficial activities. If you are an agency in community and would like to partner, please contact us at info@ceetoronto.com.


CEE is currently looking to maximize opportunities for collaboration with business looking to expose young entrepreneurs to professional work environments. If you are interested increasing your community engagement and providing any one of the following opportunities, please contact us at info@ceetoronto.com.

  • Hiring
  • Mentorship
  • Internships/Placements
  • Share advice/expertise
  • Volunteer
  • Provide resources to help business grow

Where We Work

With a city-wide mandate we hope to work with youth from each of the priority neighborhoods with the various events and activities that we create and support. Our first programs in Employment and Entrepreneurship will be held in the Jane and Finch community but will be open to youth from any priority neighborhood. Once we have established successful program models, we will expand programming to other priority neighborhoods specifically in the east end of the city.