Company Challenge

Brief History:

Company Challenge was piloted in the Jane & Finch community in 2013 as an entrepreneurship program. By the second iteration, through learnings and consultation with the first cohort, the program evolved towards a career training and development focus.  Company Challenge now aims to support youth with barriers to employment to launch a career through several pathways: employment, education and ‘side hustle’ entrepreneurship. Still, experiential learning continues to be a core element of the program – where members learn by doing. This 7 month program provides opportunities to gain: industry specific skills, professional development, transferable life skills, project management skills, professional networks, well-being tools, financial literacy knowledge and a paid job placement.  To date, CEE has run 3 cohorts in Toronto’s east and west end.


Meet the 3 cohorts of the Company Challenge Program, whose names were established by its members. This naming activity continues to be a key element undertaken at the retreat.


Cohort 1 Graduation:

Congratulations to the C.E.O.S, the first cohort to successfully complete the Company Challenge Program:

Business In Action Challenge:

BIA refers to the project that each cohort of the Company Challenge program are required to design and execute as a condition of graduating the program. Cohort members can either accept a contract to deliver a product or service for an external client, or run an event of their own choosing.

The Retreat:

Each Company Challenge Cohort is launched with a mandatory three day retreat.